MMT – Modern Monetary Theory

I have from time to time mentioned Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), Bill Mitchell, and Warren Mosler in various KCS blog posts.  I was first introduced to this subject by my former colleague from INVESCO, Charles DuBois, who headed our quantitative research effort. I’ve come to truly appreciate this school of economic thought, and believe that everyone should get a better understanding of its principles.

Bill Mitchell produces an incredible blog ( nearly everyday.  However, if you are going to read just one entry, I’d like to recommend that you choose the one from December 13, 2018, as it is a must read.  Why? Mitchell and Mosler recently got together to “document what we (they) considered to be the essence of MMT – as a sort of checklist for people who want a fairly precise account of the body of work.” They do just that, and more. Enjoy!

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