About Us

Welcome to Kamp Consulting Solutions!

Kamp Consulting Solutions, LLC (KCS), an asset consulting firm, exists to serve the plan sponsor (private, public and union), the endowment and foundation communities and high net-worth families, with the aim to help them manage their asset bases more effectively, enabling them to meet their liabilities and spending needs.

For plan sponsors of defined benefit plans, KCS’s experienced team is focused on funded ratios and liabilities, in addition to the assets that have been accumulated in the plan.  The United States retirement community is facing a pension crisis, and the impact that substantial underfunding has on future retirees and the communities and/or organizations that support their plans may prove too burdensome if a new course isn’t identified and implemented soon.

Importantly, KCS believes that asset allocation decisions should be related to the liabilities and funded ratios, and not the earnings assumption.  If done appropriately, funded ratios should improve and pension contribution costs should fall.

Our primary objective is to immunize the short and intermediate term benefits/liabilities of the plan.  Once that is implemented, we will strive to manage the remaining capital through a focus on absolute return oriented products and products/asset classes that are lowly or inversely correlated to interest rates and liabilities.   This focus should minimize the adverse affects of major asset / liability disconnect, such as that witnessed in 2011, when assets dramatically underperformed liabilities.

This Crisis will not be rectified over night.  A disciplined and responsive approach needs to be adopted.  We cannot count on a dramatic rise in interest rates to resolve all of our funding needs.

For more information please visit: http://www.kampconsultingsolutions.com 

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