It Is National Retirement Security Week

National Retirement Security Week, held during the third week in October, is a dedicated effort to raising awareness and helping individuals take concrete steps towards a secure retirement. The week-long observance was initiated in 2006 after U.S. Senators Gordon Smith (R-OR) and Kent Conrad (D-ND) introduced a resolution for its creation. Beyond elevating public knowledge on the subject, those leading National Retirement Security Week (October 18-24 this year) encourages employees to speak to a retirement plan consultant or expert, and participate in an employer-sponsored retirement plan if available.

At Ryan ALM, we focus our attention on this critical issue 52 weeks per year, believing that everyone should have the opportunity to retire with dignity. As many of you know, our effort is focused on protecting and preserving defined benefit plans as the primary retirement vehicle. We strive to do this through a liability-focused lens. Defined contribution plans are fine as a supplemental savings vehicle, but DB plans provide REAL security. Let us help you preserve your pension plan for your employees and retirees. Together we can make a difference and insure that they will actually get to retire and enjoy it once it is started.

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