Pension Lessons Learned Webinar

Ryan ALM in conjunction with the Opal Group is presenting a two-part webinar series on Pension Lessons Learned beginning tomorrow April 15, at 2pm EST. The first session “Protection From Market Disruptions” will discuss the issues surrounding Pension America’s struggles to stabilize both the funded status and contribution expense, while providing a detailed process on what we believe DB pension systems need to do to protect and preserve these critically important benefits.

Here are the links to the webinar:


Registration link:

The second webinar titled “Enhanced Asset Allocation” will be April 22nd at 2pm, and we are excited to announce that Brad Heinrichs, President/CEO, Foster and Foster, who will provide his perspective on asset allocation from an actuarial standpoint, will join us. We hope that you will join us, too. Don’t be shy to ask questions either during the sessions or after, as we are excited to discuss these topics with you. Have a great day and stay healthy.

5 thoughts on “Pension Lessons Learned Webinar

  1. Do you have a link to the webinar?

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