Pension Lessons Learned

Ron Ryan and I will be participating in a new webinar series hosted by the Opal Group. The series, titled “Pension Lessons Learned” will have at least 2 episodes. The first session slated for 2pm DST on Wednesday, April 15, is “Protection From Market Disruptions” and the second webinar in the series in slated for April 22nd at the same time, and it will address “Enhanced Asset Allocation” strategies. We hope that you will consider joining us.

As a reminder, the true objective of a pension plan is to secure benefits in a cost-effective manner. Regrettably, Pension America has gotten away from focusing on the primary objective and has instead chased the return on asset (ROA) assumption. This has lead to a dramatic increase in allocations to risk assets, created a poorer liquidity profile, and lead to greater uncertainty in achieving the securing of plan benefits.

We hope that you can join us for both sessions. You can check out the following links for more information on the Opal Group website and the instructions to register for these events.


Registration link:

The financial security for so many Americans is directly correlated to the successful management of these important retirement vehicles. Continuing down the same asset allocation path has failed all of us. We need to take a path that is less traveled and one that might just return us to a route taken when pension plans were first introduced. Tune in – you won’t be disappointed!

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