Ryan ALM Pension Monitor

We are extremely pleased to announce that P&I has published the initial Ryan ALM Pension Monitor in the February 24th edition of Pensions & Investments (page 23). The Pension Monitor highlights assets versus liability performance for Corporate, Multiemployer, and Public pension plans, both on a calendar and cumulative basis.

Despite the good equity and bond markets, pension liabilities continue to outperform assets during the last five years, and that is before this awful week for Pension America. Our objective is to publish this monitor on a quarterly basis, but we can certainly provide updates on a monthly basis if you need that insight.

Pension plans should absolutely NOT be managed to a return on asset assumption (ROA), as the only objective that matters is if the plans have secured the benefits that were promised. Continuing to inject more risk into these plans in pursuit of the ROA is reckless.

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