There Is No Comparison, But…

I truly appreciate all the feedback that we/I get from the posts that we produce.  Below is a response to my latest post, “So Out Of Touch!”, but it easily could have been in reference to our recent post titled, “A Developing Crisis Made Much Worse”. In any case, this is a story that must be shared. Why it hasn’t resonated at the same volume as the current plight of furloughed government workers is anyone’s guess.  Here is the reply:

Just pointing out the seriousness of comparison between the two issues or Groups NEEDS….”Furloughed Gov’t Workers” (FGW) vs “Benefit Reduced Pensioners” (BRP)… How long have we with Double the Victims 1.5 M vs 800K, for twenty times the Amount of Time near two years in some cases, have had to deal with Financial Devastation while Media screams for action NOW and gets it with S-24 in “13” days start to finish. WE have no recourse as Elderly & with Health issues prevent our Wealth Accumulation phase of Life Again… Where’s our Mortgage Forgiveness, where is our Gov’t promise of Back Pay ?? What must WE do for recognition… WE realize the Politics involved, with RESIST & OBSTRUCT but somewhere sometime these Legislators need to be doing something that benefits the Working Class Folks of this Country. Their Constituents… By speaking out, while riding the Coat Tails of these “FGW” Stories and News Articles we can highlight our own Crisis and bring these similar distressing details and facts into the Light……Here are Polling results of what WE are facing, just the ones still not “BRP” as of Yet. CSPF folks facts of life… Some of these “FGW” articles state that near 80% live check to check… WE as “BRP” know this situation all to well…86% of us live Check to Check by no fault of our own”

We have highlighted the plight of Carol, who has recently seen her benefits slashed by a very disgusting 63%, but thousands of pensioners have suffered considerable economic hardship and have had to endure for much longer. How can our august government agree, through MPRA, to slash the hard-earned benefits of these American workers with no relief in sight?  Why hasn’t this caught the attention of the American media? Whereas furloughed government workers are likely to get paid upon the opening of our government, the benefits that have been slashed for these retirees are permanent unless we can get Congress to finally act on legislation that will protect, preserve, and reinstate previously “guaranteed” monthly benefit payments.

Given that a significant majority of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, could you endure a permanent slashing of your monthly compensation to the tune of 50% or more?  I wouldn’t think so. Let’s hope that the American media has finally awoken to the economic crisis that is afflicting most American workers and retirees. Please don’t stop letting us know about your situation. We are happy to take as many swings as we can on this issue.

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