KCS On Asset.TV

We are pleased to share with you the most recent interview for Russ Kamp on Asset.Tv where he provided an update on the Butch Lewis Act.  As we’ve discussed before, this Bill has the potential to be landmark legislation designed to save the promised retirement benefits for millions of Americans.

Thanks to Ron Ryan, Ryan ALM, KCS has been involved in shaping one of the three potential implementations provided that the legislation passes, and low-cost loans provided to these multiemployer plans with the funding status of “Critical and Declining”. We can’t think of a more important initiative within the U.S. retirement community than identifying solutions to the retirement funding crisis that we find ourselves in at this time.

As always, we thank the folks at Asset.TV for providing us with the opportunity to share our views on this and other critical retirement issues. A special thanks to Sarah Makuta, who conducted the interview and who did such a great job.  We look forward to our next conversation with you.

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