Happy 6th Anniversary KCS

It is hard to believe that Kamp Consulting Solutions, LLC (KCS) will be celebrating its sixth anniversary tomorrow (8/1).  It has been a very rewarding 6 years on so many levels! As we embark on year 7, we continue to focus on our mission to protect and preserve DB plans, as the primary retirement vehicle for both employers and employees.  We remain concerned about the decline in the use of DB plans, and the potentially harsh social and economic ramifications as a result of this trend.

As rewarding as these 6 years have been, it has also been very frustrating for the KCS team. Coming to the market as a new firm with a very different message and philosophy has been challenging.  We still believe that the primary objective of a DB plan is to meet the promise (liabilities) at the lowest cost, and not the ROA.  However, we are trying to change 50+ years of thinking, which has proven to be no easy feat!

As you can imagine, we owe a great deal to many people and organizations within the retirement industry that have supported our effort.  Most importantly, we’d like to thank our families who have been with us every step of the way.  There is no way that we hit the sixth-anniversary mark without their support, encouragement, and abundant patience.

As we look forward, we hope to have the opportunity to work with organizations that understand that change is absolutely necessary for the retirement industry at this time.  Doing the same old, same old hasn’t worked, and it isn’t likely to work in the future either!

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