Real Estate Update

Regular readers of the KCS blog will know that we have occasionally shared real estate updates provided to us by our friend, Keith Jurow.  Here is a brief note that he recently shared with us.

“Yesterday, Fannie Mae announced the winning bidders in its ninth non-performing residential loan sale. The fourth group was composed of 2,427 loans with an average loan size of $211k. It also had an average unpaid principal balance of $511k.

Wait a minute. How is that possible? Let me explain. It confirms what I said in my latest article:

These are bubble-era loans which were modified and then re-defaulted. The interest arrears were tacked on to the unpaid principal (called capitalization) and apparently averaged about $300,000. These loans are so far underwater that I wonder how the new loan owners will ever see a nickel when they are liquidated.”

We suggest that you pay heed to Keith’s concerns.




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