Asset.TV – A Resource Worth Mentioning

We are not generally in the habit of endorsing a company or product, but given our on-going concern about the U.S. retirement crisis, we feel compelled to highlight an effort being put forward by Asset.TV.  I first was introduced to this organization roughly 5 years ago, and the growth in their scope and reach has been amazing.

We often question the lack of advocacy within the investment industry for the traditional defined benefit plan.  However, Asset.TV is an organization that can be proud of their effort to elevate critical retirement-related issues, while bringing to their subscribers unique perspective and content that challenge the status quo.

According to Asset.TV, they launched a new platform called the Retirement Channel several months ago as a landing page for fine content (both video and written) that focuses on the issues concerning the macro retirement industry. Content comes from all providers in the space on Asset TV and we promote the channel with a monthly wrap up video highlighting the sponsors on our platform. The monthly update videos are promoted via a dedicated email to 230,000+ professional investors.

As a rule of thumb across the website: All Asset TV content is intended to be insightful and used for research. No product pitches or endorsements; they take a third party, unbiased approach when creating content for investors to ultimately make their own conclusions.

There are many successes within the retirement industry that should be highlighted, but regrettably there are many more failures, and the greatest of these is our failure to be able to retire a significant percentage of our population with the financial means to actually enjoy a retirement.  The social and economic ramifications of this failure will be grave.  With organizations, such as Asset.TV, hopefully our industry will be able to improve the outcomes for those who are most in need!

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