Thank you!

It has been a little more than 5 1/3 years that KCS has been in operation as an asset / liability consulting firm.  As we enter the holiday season I want to take this time to thank the many conference organizers for providing the KCS team with the opportunity to share our thoughts and views with the retirement community more than 50 times during the life of the firm.

We sincerely believe that we have something to offer the pension community, especially when one considers our diverse backgrounds spanning more than 200 years of collective experience for the six of us, but really who is KCS? Well, despite our lack of name recognition and size, we have been given an amazing opportunity to get our views into the marketplace, and we can’t thank you enough!


We don’t want to slight any organization that has provided us with an opportunity to speak, but there are several organizations that stand out in giving us the greatest opportunity to provide education and insight, including: Opal, IFEBP, IMI, FPPTA, and FRA.

We hope that those who have heard us present find that we bring a thoughtfulness to our views.  You may not always agree with our conclusions, especially since we often take a contrary view from more traditional providers of consulting services. However, they’ve been developed over many years observing what has and hasn’t worked.  Furthermore, we look forward to having our views / ideas challenged by the pension community.

As you’ve heard us say many times, our retirement industry is under great stress right now. We need to rally together to create change that will preserve defined benefit plans for the masses. It would be wonderful to think that perhaps some words of wisdom from a senior member of the KCS team has been a positive influence in that effort.

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