Mental Healthcare Funding Under Attack in NJ

For regular readers of the KCS blog this is obviously not a subject that I often write or report about, but it is an area that I am passionate about as I’ve served on the WBMH Board and Foundation Board for the last 15-16 years.  As most of you probably don’t know, New Jersey is moving to a new funding system for mental healthcare organizations that will potentially hurt many of the neediest recipients of mental health services.

A fellow Rotarian of mine, Andrew Garlick, has written a blog post on this subject, which I share with you: please take a moment and read about it here:

Ironically, I participated in a finance committee meeting at WBMH last evening, which touched on this very subject. It is frightening to me, and I’m sure to many others, that many mental health services that we take for granted may not be offered in the future, as fee reimbursement rates don’t cover the costs to provide those services.

The transition to the new funding mechanism occurs on July 1, 2017. As Andy is encouraging, we need to get our legislators to rethink this transition before it is too late. Your help is needed – thank you!

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