Thank You, Kelsey!

I am going to depart from my normal focus on pension-related issues to thank my daughter, Kelsey, and all the other medical professionals that are on the front lines of the battle to help those currently stricken with the Coronavirus. I’ve grown up admiring the incredible work and passion displayed daily by nurses, as my mom, sister, sister-in-law, and now daughter are proud members of that amazing fraternity.

Life has been disrupted for most Americans at this time, but where as my wife and I, and our other family members are home safe and secure, we watch as Kelsey commutes to NYC for her shift at NY Presbyterian’s MICU, where they are caring for the hospital’s Coronavirus patients. I so admire her courage as she risks her own health to make sure that those afflicted receive the best care that they can and do deserve. She will tell you that this is what she signed up for, but is it really?

Kelsey’s story is being repeated daily by millions of American health professionals, as there are roughly 1.1 million doctors, 2.9 million RNs, and countless others who are right there with them doing their very best to attack this crisis head on. Please pray that those that are willing to sacrifice so much for us, get through this crisis as well as can be. I am so proud of you, Kelsey. Love you, Dad!

2 thoughts on “Thank You, Kelsey!

  1. I have been praying for the protection of our healthcare providers on the front lines of this crisis, and I couldn’t agree with you more. I admire their courage. I will keep Kelsey in prayer!

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